Luxury Townhomes in the Heavenly Village

For 20 fortunate few, Gondola Vista at South Lake Tahoe represents a lifetime achievement. Consider this: new-home construction in the Tahoe basin has been nearly nil for a decade. By owning one of these new, Tahoe-based luxury homes you become part of a very select, very rare group of people. Now let’s look at Gondola Vista by a few other numbers. Your walk to the golden shores of Lake Tahoe – 20 minutes. The soaring gondola ride to the top of Heavenly Resort – 20 minutes. Van Sickle State Park – roughly 20 paces from your back door. The pleasant stroll to the vibrancy of the South Lake Tahoe? You guessed it. 20 is indeed a special number.

The Gondola Vista Story

Gondola Vista was originally part of the 725 acres of land owned by local Rancher Jack Van Sickle. In the late 1990s, Jack sold 155 of those acres and donated the remainder, creating what is now Gondola Vista’s “backyard” — a 725-acre paradise of virtually untouched Tahoe magnificence called Van Sickle Bi-State Park.